Operational Partners

SOFF enables the provision of a global public good: essential weather and climate data.


SOFF encourages countries to explore opportunities for public-private partnerships, where relevant, to ensure cost-effective and efficient implementation of the GBON National Contribution Plan and achieve GBON compliance.

SOFF works closely with the Association of the Hydro-Meteorological Industry (HMEI) to jointly support the promotion of optimal technological solutions for the implementation of GBON in the SOFF beneficiary countries. HMEI is a Member of the SOFF Advisory Board.

Four possible business models have been identified, ranging from fully public to fully private, and can be deployed with variations depending on the specific country context.

Fully Public

Fully State/NMHS owned and operated GBON infrastructure


State/NMHS owned and Private Partner operated


State/NMHS and Private Partner owned

Fully Private

Owned and operated by a private partner directly contracted by the State/NMHS
The selection of the business model is made by the country, in discussion with the peer advisor, based on the assessment of specific technical, political, and legal preconditions that need to be met to ensure a model is suitable for the specific country.

Regardless of the selected model, emphasis will be put on ensuring that the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services has basic capacity related to the generation and exchange of observations.